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You've got questions?

We've got answers!

  • Are Foam Parties safe?
    Absolutely! Safety is always our number one priority! We always provide your own private Foam Party Specialist who will operate your foam cannon and make sure everything is safe and keeps the party running smoothly so you're free to actually enjoy the party! Our specialized foam solution and is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, pet safe, and of course kid safe!
  • Where should I have my foam party?
    Great question! While foam parties generally work with lots of different surfaces, some are always better than others so let's talk about them! Astroturf or artificial grass – this is by far our favorite surface to use for foam parties! Our customers phone solution will actually clean the grass while everybody is having fun and leaves no residue behind! Astroturf and artificial grass is a perfect surface for foam parties! Regular grass – Healthy grass lawns can be a great area to have a foam party on! One thing to keep in mind if you are planning on having your home party on let's say your front or backyard is that a bunch of kids stomping around on wet grass will eventually do damage to the lawn. We recommend parties on grass don't last longer than an hour Asphalt/concrete/paved surface- Paved surfaces work especially well for foam parties! One recommendation would be to make sure the area is clean and clear of debris before the party starts! These services are great to avoid guests slipping while having a great time! Dirt/field- dirt Fields or areas with only moderate grass coverage are not recommended for foam parties as a lot of mud will be created and will generally get the surrounding area very messy.
  • Does your company have liability insurance?
    ​​ Absolutely! Bubble Blastoff Foam Parties has full liability insurance through Cossio Insurance Agency. Believe it or not, Mobile Foam Party Businesses are pretty expensive to insure. Because of this many other facilities simply go uninsured which is an accident waiting to happen. Even if you dont go with us for your Foam Party event please make sure your ultimate choice is properly insured. We are happy to provide you with our Certificate of Insurance and can alway add you as Additionally Insured for your event!
  • What are your prices?
    Great question! So we have our base 1 hr party setup priced at $295 which includes non-stop foam and party music for 1 hour! Additional Foam time is only $75hr! We also offer discount for multiple cannon events! For non residential events feel free to give us a call so we can build a custom price package for you!
  • How far will you travel?
    Literally ANYWHERE! while most of our events are within the state of Texas, we are prepared to bring the ultimate mobile axe throwing experience anywhere in the country (or maybe even out of it!) We do not charge travel fees for any event within San Antonio. Any event outside San Antonio is subject to a travel fee (please see our latest Pricing Pdf for the most up to date travel pricing or simply give us a call!)
  • Are you available for monthly or weekly events?
    Absolutely! Wether you're looking to entertain your current customers or bring in new ones, Bubble Blastoff foam parties has a plan for you! We offer discounted pricing for scheduling multiple events.
  • What should I wear?
    Anything you want! We've found that most days foam party goers are pretty dry after just a few minutes in the sun! If you want a colored foam party please be aware that the dye will permanently stain clothing and temporarily color skin.
  • What about bad weather?
    A little rain never hurt a foam party! Of course we cannot operate in unsafe conditions but we always do our best to be flexible and to work with any unforeseen conditions.
  • How many people can your foam cannon handle?
    Great question! We recommend 50 people per cannon at a time. With our specialized foam solution we can accommodate dozens of guests at a time while keeping the foam party flowing at full speed! Have more than 50 people?! No problem! We have a total of four foam cannons in our inventory and we offer discounts for booking multiple cannons!
  • Any other rental options?
    Absolutely! Our sister companies include Smacking Axes Mobile Axe Throwing, Mobile Escape Room Texas, Mobile Mini Golf Texas, and so much more! We also offer exciting party add-ons such as our 360 Photobooth with LED backdrop, inflatable Axe Throwing, exciting interactive games, sumo suit wrestling and more!
  • Will colored foam stain?
    Definitely an important question with a slightly complicated answer! Clothing/Fabric-In our experience colored foam will 100% permanently stain clothing. While this can be inconvenient most of our color foam parties are tie-dye birthday parties or gender reveals. Where guests all wear white T-shirts and get to stain their shirts while having fun and they are left with a fun souvenir. Concrete-Our colored foam solution will temporarily stain concrete however generally comes off with a quick power wash. Our general recommendation with colored foam is to not use it near anything that you wouldn't mind being stained. Skin-So this is where things get kind of fun! The colored film solution will temporarily stain skin depending on the desired color of the foam. generally however we have found that after a quick shower and scrubbing with soap and water the color is almost entirely gone and will of course naturally fade over the next few days. This however does result in some pretty amazing and funny photo opportunities!
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